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The Tyre Collective by Hanson Cheng focuses on halting Tyre Pollution

Posted by : Admin / On : 5/4/2022 /

the tyre collective by hanson cheng focuses on halting tyre pollution
in 2020 the tyre collective won the James dyson design award when you take a moment to research into exactly what the ingenious concept is all about you will understand exactly why. tyre pollution is actually a huge issue that many of us may have never considered, in the words of the tyre collective, “save our air from tyre wear.”

karl benz who designed the worlds first automobile powered by an internal combustion engine would be absolutely mind blown if he were to see that there are currently about 1.2 billion cars on the roads around our planet. the car was revolutionary and has gone on to be one of the most iconic inventions of all time.

the problem with a revolutionary invention is that everybody wants or needs it and that is when issues arise. the issues arise because over production occurs and we end up with pollution due to the mass amount of parts produced to keep these products running. then, in the case of the internal combustion engine, you have cancerous fumes emitted from the exhaust systems that cause death, damage to our planet and destroy the atmosphere that protects us from the suns rays. that is where most of us think the damage ends but i am afraid not, there are other forms of pollution that come from this wonderful yet aged invention and that is where the great mind of hanson cheng comes in.

hanson, who has come up with a concept that can catch the particles coming from a vehicles tyres has found a way to potentially slow rubber particle pollution. as you can see from the pictures on the left hand side below it is actually mind-boggling that this number of particles comes from each group of vehicles in a single day. i never knew this before researching it but tyre dust is the second largest microplastic pollutant and accounts for up to 50% of air particle emission. if we can capture these particles then we can stop them from escaping into the atmosphere and ending up back in our lungs, the lungs of the beautiful animals that surround us and the environment we live in.


the device is positioned close to where the tyre meets the road. consulting with the imperial department of aeronautics we identified this position to take advantage of airflow around a spinning wheel. our device currently captures 60% of all airborne particles on our test rig. with an aim to create a closed-loop model after collection, these fragments are separated using simple techniques. particles under 50 microns are small enough to be reused in new tyre walls, and other exciting applications. — hanson cheng (founder of the tyre collective)

in a world where cars will get heavier due to the weight of batteries we need to look at the way that tyres will wear, and when they wear, where their particles will go. as we move towards a cleaner, better future we must consider each part of the design process and how it can effect future generations. if we carry on in the footsteps of the industrial revolution and focus on creating products that don’t have a deep consideration for the environment then we will never begin to clean our air, we will never slow the growth of diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease which before we know it could become one of the biggest diseases facing humanity. it is time for change and we must do it together by designing products that have a deeper meaning rather than capital gains. this is a fantastic idea, it would be great to start seeing it as standard on cars going forward.


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