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Printmaking: From Design to Product

Posted by : Admin / On : 2/6/2022 /

Printmaking: From Design to Product


Art can be created in many different ways. Artists can use different types of paint from watercolor to acrylic to gauche.

What is Printmaking?

Printmaking is the artistic process of transferring an image from a mold onto another surface. Printmaking is especially beneficial in creating multiple versions of the same image all created from the same mold. 


Different techniques.
Artists can use different techniques to create prints. 

Woodcut. One of the oldest types of printmaking. The design is carved into the wood.
Engraving. Similar to woodcutting expect the material used is metal. A very difficult technique.
Etching. Replaced engraving, 
Screenprinting. A type of stenciling that is then inked through a screen. 

From Design 
Here are the steps an artist goes through when designing the mold for their print:

Before the print can be pressed, first the artist must decide what image they are creating or replicating. Typically, the design is drawn on a piece of paper that is then transferred onto their mold. 
The artist then decides what material they are using for their mold. They could use wood, linocut, metal, or glass. 


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